Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Eye Candy

Eye Candy

Chanel sunglasses

Kate Spade sunglasses

Ray-ban glasses

Tom Ford cat eye glasses

Sunglasses are the ONE accessory (besides my phone and bag) that I never leave the house without. No matter the season, we ALWAYS need a good pair of sunnies. I'm really into the mirrored lenses this summer and tend to lean toward big Jackie O. shades. The glasses above are my favorite picks and I would love to own them all! 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Positively Posh Polish

Positively Posh Polish

Essie nail polish
Sand Tropez

Essie nail polish
Ballet Slippers
You Are Such A Budapest

Rose Exuberant
Summer is the best time of year to really show off your colorful mani/pedis. I am such a polish junkie and feel the need to change weekly. Currently I'm wearing "You Are Such A Budapest" and am obsessed...the color makes me feel like a mermaid. All colors above are gorgeous and my picks for this summer. I typically have been doing nude/light pink toes and bright fingers or vice versa. With the exception of the Chanel polish, you can find all of these beautiful colors at your local Ulta. 

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Summer Lovin' seaonal wish list

Summer Lovin'

Above is everything on my "wish list". Literally day dream about everything you see....especially the Maltipoo puppy b/c Lola needs a sister (this isn't happening). If I splurge on one thing this summer it will probably be a Mara Hoffman swimsuit. The colors and patterns she uses are electrifying. I see the new Fujifilm camera all over cool does it look? SO FUN! Hopefully by September these items will have check marks next to them on my list and in my grasp....a girl can dream right?!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

I Kiss Better Than I Cook.....

I Kiss Better Than I Cook...

If I have to be the kitchen, I prefer it to be glamorous.  I love bright colors and different patterns in my kitchen and on my table (even Lola's dog bowl).  The items above are some of my absolute favorite! Adding pictures and frames on countertops also adds personality.  Even if I don't kitchen will still look inviting and fabulous.

Clutch Craze

Crazy for Clutches


Kate Spade woven handbag

J Crew zip bag

Rebecca Minkoff mini crossbody

Gap handbag

Whether you are going to brunch or a night out, a clutch should always be your "go to" bag. Lipstick, phone, keys and money fit easily and no hassle to carry.  I love my clutches to be vibrant to give your outfit the perfect pop. I even carry a clutch inside of my tote during the day to help organize "the black hole" in which things typically are hard to find. I believe clutches are as necessary as underwear and everyone needs at least one.