Thursday, October 13, 2016

Shower Season!

Shower Season!


Not going to lie....besides being love and planning a gorgeous wedding, shower gifts have made this whole engagement thing not so bad.

I am SO blessed to have the most amazing friends and family who have thrown us the best showers ever!  It has been like Christmas and my birthday all rolled into one!

If I could give ANY advice to brides it would be to register for things you really need, want and at different price points (not all of your friends are going to show up with a Vitamix).

We have gotten several of the amazing gifts I have listed above and if I HAD to pick my TOP 2 FAVS it would be the All Clad Slowcooker and the Vitamix.  These two gifts have made my crazy life a little more tolerable.

Most registries consist of kitchen and home needs like cookware and kitchen gadgets. Don't be afraid to register for some fun stuff too! People like to buy you things you want as well as what you actually need. I suggest items like Apple TV, airline gift cards, board games, or even portable Bluetooth speakers.

Another little tip for you little brides out there....write 'thank you' notes IMMEDIATELY after receiving a gift. Then, write down your gift and who it is from in a notebook with a  check mark next to it.  If you can stay on top of this, it will make it easier on you.

This whole process goes by so quickly, so enjoy every moment of it!


Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Beach Please

Beach Please

Tote handbag
$31 -

Quay round glasses
$64 -

Yeti Tundra Cooler

Kate Spade acrylic tumbler Giant Gem Speaker

Rodan + Fields sunscreen

Rodan + Fields lip sunscreen

Need help packing your beach/pool/lake bag? I've listed above my MUST HAVES!
Staying stylish while getting some sun is always important to me. Just make sure and lather on the sunscreen.
R + F makes the BEST sunscreen and it smells amazing! I keep a bottle of this in my bag at all times as well as the lip screen. Nothing is worse than a burn on your mouth! Ouch!
The Yeti cooler is perhaps one of the best investments I have made in a while. We have the Yeti Roadie and it's the perfect size for our beverages.
My brother bought me this darling gem speaker for Christmas and I take it with me everywhere! I usually keep my phone away from water and sun but love to hear music...especially from a faux hot pink diamond!
I'm buying the marble sunnies and donut beach towel above! They are too cute to pass up on!

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Mad For Marble

Mad For Marble

First off, I want to apologize for being so MIA! This wedding planning is literally taking over my life at the moment...we are at the 5 month mark and it's getting crazy!
Ok, now let's talk about marble. You guys, I am obsessed! Our wedding registry is literally marble, copper and gold everything!! It's such a fun craze and is one of the few things Matt doesn't find "too girly".
There are SO many cool pieces for amazing prices, especially at Target!
I have shared some of my absolute favorites above, including that cake platter and dome that I will be purchasing ASAP!


Monday, April 18, 2016

Cheers To Mom!

Cheers To Mom!


If your mom is anything like mine, she is pretty easy to shop for! We have the same taste on a lot of things and like me, she loves getting presents!
I have linked above some of my favorite gift ideas for Mother's Day this year!
My top favs are the Lumee phone case from JCrew (it gives you perfect light and you can take selfies as good as Kim K), Redefine skincare line (your mom will literally look your age), and Jo Malone perfume!
No doubt you will totally be the favorite child if you get her any of these amazing gifts