Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Thrifty Fall Finds

Fall is FINALLY here!!! This means my wardrobe will consists of pretty much all things leather and fur! Changing seasons and updating your closet doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg. There are SO many fun styles this season available at affordable costs...which means you can get MORE!!! I have found the best pieces at Sosie, H&M and Forever 21. I'm really loving plaid flannel with leather this fall! Especially paired with a flannel floppy hat. Layering is key this time of year, so you can add to your outfit by throwing on a vest, bomber jacket or chunky cardigan. Everything above is under $50!!! Now you can take your extra money and go buy the new iPhone 6.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Workin' Pretty

Workin' Pretty


Moroccan table lamp

Casual drinkware
$21 -

Jonathan adler home decor

Jesper Office desk

Caster chair

Henri Bendel tech accessory
I am currently in posh desk heaven! I am adding a desk to my place and am in constant search of chic "work" accessories. I think I need everything I posted above! I love nothing more than a crisp white desk with acrylic chair. It looks so clean and sharp. I really love this one from Wayfair! I plan on adding gold, pink and black accents. The books I added are from Amazon. Never spend full price on boutique (Anthropologie) coffee table books until you search Amazon first...they are SO much cheaper.  I recently discovered Urban Girl Office Supplies and am HOOKED! If you want your desk space to look pretty...go there! I also plan on adding favorite framed quotes on the wall above my desk. How funny is the one above? It's a must! Once my desk space is complete there will definitely be pics posted! Excited to get started! 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Get Inside My Bag

Get Inside My Bag

Tory Burch tech accessory

Monogrammed wallet

Chanel lips makeup

Hear No Evil Earbuds - Gold

If you guys are like me, you carry literally EVERYTHING needed to survive in your bag. The Neverfull LV I never leave home without definitely lives up to it's name...NEVER FULL.  You never know what may happen in your day and when you may need something. I have put together some of my essentials.
If you haven't bought an Minimergency Kit, GO BUY NOW! I have bought several and they have saved my life MANY times. These little kits are jam packed with little lifesavers such as clear fingernail polish, sewing kit, double sided tape, pain reliever, polish remover, earring backs, breath freshener, deodorant, etc... I bought mine at JCrew but they are sold at dept stores and boutiques. 

If you constantly lose your keys in your purse like I do, I recommend getting a key chain that's easy to spot. I bought my leather tassel keychain from Gigi New York and love it.

Obviously sunglasses, lip gloss, hair ties, phone case and wallet are a given when it comes to bag fillers. The ones listed are what I own and carry everywhere, everyday.

Even though we have a "notes" app on our phones now, I still am fond of carrying a pen and notepad. I like writing out my "to do" lists, blog ideas, and other daily reminders. I always make sure and have a notepad handy.

I never know what each day may bring or if there will be a time where I have to wait. In these cases, I am ALWAYS happy I pack earbuds. Any time I can fit in a Netflix flick or Pandora I take the opportunity. These were especially beneficial when I had jury duty and any time I get my car serviced...I'm sure those around me are also thankful I pack these.

I hope these little suggestions are beneficial for anyone who is always on the go and live out of their bag like me!


Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Good Night, Darling

Good Night, Darling

Robert abbey table lamp

Zara Home blanket

Sur La Table serving tray

Kate Spade drinkware

Capri Blue scented candle
$45 -

Kate Spade jewelry box

Wedgwood black picture frame
$66 -

Oliver Peoples round glasses

My bedroom just may be my favorite room in my place. I love a room that looks cozy and chic. A fur throw, stylish frames, Volcano candle, monogram pillows, trendy jewelry box and stylish glasses are all things I surround myself with every night. There is nothing I look more forward to after a long day at work then to cuddle up with either a book or one (of my many)shows and totally veg out with coffee or hot tea. Your room should be a space that totally defines you. I like for mine to look clean and crisp with pops of color. I buy most of my bedroom d├ęcor from Homegoods, TJ Maxx, West Elm or Pottery Barn.