Monday, February 16, 2015

White After Labor Day? guys have no idea how hard this was to me. I have been told from age 3 that white can only be worn after Easter and not past Labor Day...well times have changed.
I have embraced the WINTER WHITE!!!!!
I make it no secret that I'm a tiny bit leather obsessed and what better to pair with white?!  I recently bought this amazing grey perforated-sleeve pullover from Banana (get it now for 40% off code: BRLOVEYOU)   that is perfect with white jeans! So versitle and light enough to throw a jacket on with no bulk.
I like to add a pop of color when wearing black, white or grey. These neon pink Kendra Scott earrings were just what I needed and were such a fitting color for Valentine's Day.
I also wore my favorite darling niece, Madden. Sorry guys...this one isn't for sale!

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