Thursday, January 28, 2016

Leather Love Affair

Leather Love Affair

Hue faux leather legging

Faux leather legging

I am completely and utterly in love with leather pants! Like maybe a little TOO much! I wear them year round with tshirts, suit jackets or a fun top. 
I am asked ALL of the time where I get my leather leggings and since I have quite the collection, I just give my favorites. 
My ALL-TIME top pair are Hue faux leather leggings! I bought them from Nordstrom and now have more than 1 pair. They have an elastic waist (who doesn't love that) and look just like an actual pair of pants. The texture is classic and not cheap like many faux items are. I love them with flats, booties and even a cute pair of Chuck Taylors. 
All pairs above are under $150 and would be the perfect staple item in your closet! You can't go wrong with a little leather

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