Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Gifts for the Gals

Gifts for the Gals

Gifting time is here!! I love nothing more than picking out fun stuff for my sister, mom and friends!
I have nearly everything from above and put some things on here that I hope to get.
Now let's talk about these lovely things...

Lush Bath Bomb-ummm "bomb" is right! I am OBSESSED with these and they make a relaxing bath even better...just add a glass of wine!
Barefoot Dreams Throw-snuggle time will never be the same after wrapping yourself in this little piece of heaven. My sister recently bought me one for my birthday and I can't watch tv without it!
Dohm noise machine-Do yourself a favor and buy this now for yourself and everyone you know. We literally can't sleep without this at night. It puts you in a tranquil trance and gives you the most wonderfully sound sleep! Even my dogs love it!
Nest Sugar Cookie candle-I thought nothing could touch the Nest pumpkin chai candle until I smelled the sugar cookie....amazing! You will be able to smell this deliciousness throughout your house and can pretend you baked.
Cravings cookbook- I LOVE Chrissy Teigen, so I'm not shocked that I love her cookbook! It's filled with the best recipes and for someone who DOES NOT cook...this makes me look good.
Mackenzie Childs tea kettle-even if you don't make tea, this is the perfect little touch to any kitchen. I love buying this kettle for special occasions and it always is a hit!
MAC holiday set-I look forward to the MAC holiday makeup sets every year and this year may be my favorite! The glitter is SO pretty and this is the perfect gift for the girl who loves sparkle.

Whether it's in a stocking or wrapped up in a bow under the tree....any girl would be stoked to get these awesome presents!

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