Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Thrifty or Big Spender?

Thrifty or Big Spender?

There are definitely many things that I 'Go Big or Go Home' on when it comes to spending money, but if I can cut corners I absolutely take FULL advantage. Here is a list of my BIG SPENDING items and the stuff I buy that makes me Thrifty (not a common term I use when describing myself)


Handbags- I can't help it...I'm a sucker for designer bags! The classics never go out of style and can make even sweats look posh.
Foundation-In my opinion, if you wear cheap foundation...your face will reflect it. Foundation is something I pay extra for.
Underwear-I'm a total bra and panty snob. I ONLY wear Hanky Panky or Commando panties and don't plan on changing any time soon.  Call me crazy but underwear is a necessity, so comfort is key. These are things I wear every day, so it's justified.
Haircare-I have used LOTS of hair products in my life from both the salon and drug stores. I've gotta go with the expensive brand on this one.
Skincare-This is a NO BRAINER. Don't expect your skin to look like a million dollars if you pay $15. This doesn't mean you have spend a fortune but when it comes to my skin, I want quality.
Shoes-I learned this lesson the hard way in college. Cheap shoes (we aren't talking sale items) will ruin your feet. $20 Target heels may look darling but after a night out, you wish someone would just amputate your foot.


Nail Polish-It doesn't matter what brand of polish you buy, it all seems to work the same.
Plain Tees-paying a ridiculous amount for a plain blk/white/grey tee is absurd. I buy mine at Target for $9 and you can't tell they aren't American Apparel or James Perse.
Cocktail Jewelry-(with the exception of Kendra Scott) I am not a fan of paying ungodly amounts of money on costume jewelry. These pieces are only trendy for so long. I buy the majority of mine from Forever 21, H & M or boutiques.
Food-This does NOT mean restaurants b/c I am a huge foodie. However, when I go grocery shopping I don't mind saving here and there for the Target brands vs name brands. It's the exact same thing and no one will look in your cabinet and judge you. The only name brand thing I recommend is buying Johnson & Johnson Q-tips...long story but trust me on this one.
Make-Up Remover, soap, household cleaning supplies-like groceries, I am not opposed to buy Target brand of anything. There is no need to spend $30 on MAC make-up remover when you can buy UP and UP wipes at Target for $5. They do the exact same thing. I rather spend my money on things you can actually see me wearing.
Boos-I am a "cheap date" when stocking my bar cart at home. I usually don't ever spend over $20 for a bottle or wine or champs. In fact, I prefer some of the cheaper labels. No Dom for this girl...unless you are buying of course :)
Jeans-my days of spending $200 on a pair of jeans is over. Unless they make me look like Gisele, I won't ever do this again. I buy all of my jeans from Gap, JCrew Factory or Nordstrom Rack. No more pricy denim for this girl.

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