Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Dirty Santa Goodies

Dirty Santa Goodies

Sur La Table bar tool

Holiday coffee mug

Bliss body moisturizer
$9.46 -

Beauty product

OASIS Father Christmas Socks
$4.70 -

Holiday party time!! Whether it's at the office, with friends or just a family tradition...Dirty Santa parties are in full swing this month! In my experience, the limit at these parties is typically $10-$15 and it's sometimes really tough finding something that doesn't look like it came out of a bubble gum machine.
I usually do a little bundle of stuff like nail polish with a file or socks with lotion. Gift cards are ALWAYS a good idea, especially iTunes or Starbucks! You can't go wrong there! Gift cards are also perfect to put with a mug or lip gloss.
I don't even need to go over why the gift of wine in an ugly Christmas sweater is smart... 
Amazon has ALL of the classic Christmas DVDs for like $5! I love giving these as gifts to my friends to enjoy at home. Christmas Vacation is always a hit at holiday parties...see below for Christmas Vacation drinking game instructions that will really get the party going.

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